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Skype: lilylee288@hotmail.com facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011898674192 facebook: https://twitter.com/LilyLee288 lilylee@ibouya.com

Company News >> Puppy will fall hair if long term does not bask in the sun
Long hair in the winter to keep out the cold, the summer season, the dog will take off some of the old hair, to regulate body temperature. Seasonal hair-losing having heard it many times, but you know what? Many man-made factors also cause the dog to lose hair.

Many families use adult soap or shampoo and even use detergent powder, detergent to the dog to take a bath. Because canine skin tends to medium, and adult washing supplies relative to canine skin high alkaline, caused by canine skin dry, itching and make mites, bacteria, fungi, and have an opportunity to form skin disease will eventually lead to hair loss. In addition, bathing too frequently on the skin secretion of normal protective material damage. Therefore, it is recommended that dogs should use the dog's special washing supplies, bath times should not be too often, should be reasonable control.

In addition, sunlight and temperature and natural environment of hair growth will be affected. If the dog is not long-term exposure to sunlight, long-term rearing in the room, it will cause the whole year there is a slight phenomenon of hair removal. If the dog suffers from a disease or eczema, folliculitis, or parasitic lice and fleas have a large number of dogs, will cause a lot of hair removal.
So how do we avoid it?

First, to develop the habit of combing the dog often. Two times a day, with a pet special comb.
Second, choose the right bath, a good bath liquid may protect the dog fur, reduce the number of hair loss, but also to prevent skin diseases. Third, if the dog likes to wear clothes can be appropriate to its clothing, but try not to wear dark clothes.

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